Why Your Food Brand Should Use Virtual Event Sponsorships

How Virtual Event Sponsorships Benefit Your Food Brand

Virtual events are nothing new, but they have become necessary during this year of a global pandemic and in-person event limitations. But just because your food brand knows how to perform and understands the benefits of sponsoring live events, doesn’t mean you should not invest in virtual event sponsorships.

The Benefits of Virtual Event Sponsorships

1. Virtual Events Sponsorships are Cheaper

As with traditional events, virtual event sponsorships often have different price tiers. Virtual event sponsorship options can be much more cost-effective, and organizers have adjusted their pricing accordingly. Of course, a presenting sponsorship opportunity will be the highest price tier. But virtual event presenting sponsorship will provide a greater return on investment. Presenting sponsors receive greater impressions as part of the agreement. And we all know that the more impressions you have, the higher the likelihood of brand recognition in store.

2. Increased Impressions

During in-person events, there are so many booths and items competing for attendees’ attention. During virtual events, event attendees’ entire attention will be focused on their screens. This provides your food brand with more views since there are limited distractions. Increased views increase brand awareness. The number of impressions your food brand receives from virtual event sponsorships will be significantly higher than traditional in-person events. This has been proven because virtual events allow for more trackable data. Many virtual event organizers are requiring registration, which allows for VPN tracking. Additional data can be found by measuring how many people are logged in during the virtual event. Your food brand will have more traceable numbers with virtual event sponsorships.

3. Less Preparation Time

Time is money, right? In-person events are very time consuming to plan and execute. Your food brand will probably bring samples to in-person events (if you weren’t, you should have been!), plus arrange travel, spend the entire time at the event, and spend the time and money arranging all of the logistics. Sponsoring a virtual event doesn’t require as much preparation or time day of. Your sales team or representative will only have to be present during your time slot, if needed at all! Again, depending on the price tier you choose, your virtual event sponsorship may only require your food brand’s logo to be shown and not a team member’s pitch.

If you’d like to learn more about how to choose the best virtual event sponsorship options for your food brand’s marketing plan, including graphics and logistics, we can help! Please reach out to the NewPoint team. If you are interested in more food marketing topics, please visit our Food for Thought page or check out NewPoint’s Patrick Nycz’s book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.