Your CPG Brand on Social Media: The Two “Musts”

Now more than ever, consumers are interacting with brands on social media.

Whether it’s to research a product before buying, contact customer service, or interact with a promotion, there’s no doubt it is a favorite means of communication among consumers. That’s why, as a CPG brand on social media, you must actively upkeep, interact with, and manage the social platforms where you choose to be present.

Let’s focus on the two main priorities when it comes to your brand’s social media presence.

Upkeep. Why is it important?

You probably know that consumers are researching products online before they buy. Did you know this? Social networks have overtaken search engines as the #1 online research method for ages 16- 24? If a consumer comes to your social media page and you haven’t posted any relevant content in the past 6 months, they may wonder if your product is still relevant.

Customer Interaction: Why is it Important?

I’m going to take this one right from the Book:
“Recent customer experience reports overseen by customer relation services Harris Interactive and RightNow found that 26% of US adults expressed frustration after poor experience by posting a negative comment on social media. 79% of those complaints went unanswered. Harris Interactive/RightNow also reported that companies potentially lose as much as 20% of annual revenue due to poor customer experiences. In a nutshell: good customer service is mandatory.”
You wouldn’t ignore a customer standing in front of you, right? Then why would you ignore them on your social media page? Worst case scenario, they get no response and they blast your brand on all the review sites and social media platforms they can. Best case scenario, you fix their issue and they shout praises and are a life-long customer.

Bonus: Once you’ve nailed the first two, dive into the world of social media ads to reach your target audience.

Do you need more convincing? Take a peek at few more reasons your brand should be engaged on social media:

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